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Stacey's Diary - The New Normal

Well, here I am!

Time has flown, have I really been back in the shop for 4 whole weeks...?! It’s great to be back, away from the fridge and the computer screen. Seeing people is such a wonderful thing, all us Oberon girls have slipped back into our routine as if we were never away... drinking tea... having a laugh... loving life and hopefully being as helpful as we can.

It's amazing how quickly things have become second nature - only having a certain number of customers in the shop at one time, constant cleaning of every surface to within an inch of its life, and quarantining clothes. Customers are surprised when we say, yes you can try on clothes, but as we have designated quarantine areas for post tried on items, top quality clothes steamers and larger than most changing rooms, which are cleaned between every customer, it all works out fine! Shopping in our shops is by far the best idea, and we promise to make it as great a time as you want!

Wyle Cop itself has made a real effort to make shoppers feel comfortable and welcome , the street is now one way (downhill) to traffic so pavements can be wider to allow good social distancing. This also means there are less cars on the Cop which is lovely!

There is one person, however, who is perhaps a little bit sad I’m back at work (definitely not my husband, he’s pleased). Bert the delivery dog seems to be short of a job. But I haven’t made him redundant because I can still do deliveries (and I actually really enjoy it!) so for those of you who are just not ready to come into town yet, but would like me to bring a new outfit or piece of jewellery you can’t live without to your door I’m more than happy to drop off anywhere within the Shrewsbury area. It would make a little sprocker very happy to come with me.




We are reducing... not in size (I’ve managed to do that a bit.... well done me!) Our prices are reducing - the summer sale has kicked off with some great reductions on lots and lots of things.

So come on, what’s stopping you? There’s nothing like a local shop.....or if you live out of Shrewsbury a shop that’s far away, but in a brilliant town! And as you all know by now, there really isn’t anywhere like Oberon. It's my favourite place in the world. Pretty lucky, really, as I plan to be here for a long time yet!

Lots of love,



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