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Stacey's Diary: Shop keeper, sassenach, style icon

I’ve just read that 'comfort is desperately underrated'. Is it? Surely everyone loves comfort! I’ve just returned from North Uist in the Outer Hebrides - it’s as remote as you can get. I spent the week with no internet, no make up, hair scraped back and dressed in comfortable warm clothes. I love fashion, I love drama, but I so love stripping it all back.

How can you remember there’s a world wide pandemic when you have a huge sky and billowing winds of 40 mph? How can you even remember you own three shops? After a few malts I promise you definitely don’t! But what it does is give you is time to breathe... right from the stomach.... or right from the heart. Time to see nothing but raw beauty.

Anyway, as Take That sang - babe, i'm back again, feeling refreshed and ready to rumble. Loving my shops again to the max and ready to prepare for what ever Autumn/Winter '20 has to throw at me. I’ve never kept my fingers crossed so tightly for the times when the days get colder... so please everyone come shopping, our shop is in your hands, we need our fabulous customers more than ever. Our new season stock is coming in fast and we cannot wait to show you all the fabulous things - i've already found my dream pair of boots! We’ll have bucket loads of comfort, with easy-to-wear clothing for the coming season to wrap you in the the biggest cuddle known to man (OK, I’ve brought malt back and drinking as I write!)

I’m not a crofter in North Uist, but I’m a real life shop keeper in Shrewsbury, Shropshire... it’s something I love and I want everyone to love it too. The wilderness of Scotland may be breathtaking, but it can't beat my wonderful Wyle Cop. Can't wait to see you all soon, come on by and say hello - we'll be the shop with the Scottish folk tunes blasting!

Lots of love,

Stacey xxxx

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