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Stacey's Diary - The girls are back in town...

This is it.

It’s official.

I know how an old English sheepdog feels... my hair has gone beyond... but I don’t care, because... drum roll... We’re nearly there.

Oberon lockdown no more is nearly upon us.

I’m so excited I can’t sleep! I’m working nonstop on total adrenaline and the odd black coffee (those lbs are coming off folks!!!) to get our shops out of darkness and into summer ready for the return of real life customers. The high summer deliveries have been coming thick and fast, for the last two weeks and I’ve been in the shop every day unpacking displaying and... ok fine... trying on so many fabulous things.

The town is excited too, you can almost feel it in the air, the anticipation of having a taste of normality back in our lives. It’s so lovely seeing and chatting to fellow shop keepers who have suddenly come out of hibernation. It’s a real hive of activity everyone getting stuck into making their own independent shop the best it can be. Seems strange we can’t have a big street party... but I’m not focusing on any negative.

So... Monday!!!

My excitement will have gone into overdrive ( if anyone one wants a private appointment at 6am I’m sure I’ll be up for it!) Talking of which... if any one wants an early morning or late afternoon private appointment that’s not a problem just message me... if you want an evening appointment... yes to that too... but it is compulsory to bring wine!

There is no doubt shopping will be different, we do seriously have to remember the social distance rule, there might be a bit of a queue and we might have to change our opening hours to accommodate, we literally have to suck it and see, play it by ear, wing it. But let’s face it any one who knows me, knows I’m an expert in all 3 and by hook or by crook we’ll get Oberon up and running the best we can. I’ve been a shop keeper for way more than half of my life. I love my shops, I love my staff (they are my best friends!) and I love my customers. So, come Monday morning I’ll be virtually hugging everyone.

Thanks to each an d every single one of you who has cheered us on over the last few weeks, we have oh so appreciated it. And as I write I can feel a little tear... I’m not joking 🙃... life is good and about to get a whole lot better.

Lots and LOTS of love,

Stacey xxxx

Ps don’t forget website, home delivery, virtual shopping, is still an option... catch me while I’m on a roll !!!!

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