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Polished Stones


People have always treasured gems, whether as good luck charms, jewellery or ornaments. These natural beauties come in many shapes, sizes, colours and textures and have different meanings across the world. 

Since our Jewellery shop opened in the late 90s, we've prided ourselves on our extensive collection of beautiful semi-precious gemstones. Sourced from artisans around the world, we love finding new pieces to bring to our dazzling Wyle Cop window!

Abalone Oberon Shrewsbury


This beautiful iridescent shell is made from marine snails, often found with blue, green and silver patterns.

Abalone is believed to bring peace and calm to the wearer.

Agate Oberon Shrewsbury


Patterned stone often with banded or moss markings with many bright and vivid colours. 

Said to have grounding properties.

Green Amber and Orange Amber Oberon Shrewsbury


Incredible stone with many natural inclusions, ranging from mossy green to vibrant orange.

Said to have powers of renewal.

Amethyst Oberon Shrewsbury


Pretty purple stone ranging from light lilac to a deep plum colour. 

Said to promote spiritual healing and protection.

Aquamarine Oberon Shrewsbury


Dazzling blue stone in an array of ocean tones.

Said to bring balance and tranquility to the wearer.

Carnelian Oberon Shrewsbury


Deep red-orange stone often with natural inclusions.

Said to boost creativity and motivation.

Chalcedony Oberon Shrewsbury


Pretty stone often in milky blues and whites with natural inclusions.

Said to promote stability and balance.

Chrysocolla Oberon Shrewsbury


Brilliant blue-green stone often with copper flecks.

Said to be the stone of wise women across the globe!

Citrine Oberon Shrewsbury


Citrine can range from a light lemon to a deep yellow-amber in colour, and is focused on bringing prosperity, joy and energy.

Druzy Oberon Shrewsbury


Sparkly geode formation that comes in many beautiful colours. 

Said to amplify creativity and balance our group energies.

Garnet Oberon Shrewsbury


Deep red stone that is often faceted and without inclusions. 

Said to have healing properties and boosts courage.

Jasper Oberon Shrewsbury


Ranging from the classic vivid red to black and yellow bumblebee jasper.

Said to instill a deep focus and grounding energy.

Labradorite Oberon Shrewsbury


Stunning iridescent stone with deep blues, greens and greys that reflect the light.

Said to be the ultimate mystical stone for finding deeper purpose.

Lapis Lazuli Oberon Shrewsbury

Lapis Lazuli

Vibrant blue stone often flecked with gold and indigo. 

Said to promote friendship and harmony. Also known as the wisdom stone.

Malachite Oberon Shrewsbury


Brilliantly banded deep green stone with flecks of lighter green and white.

Renowned for being beneficial for the heart chakra.

Moonstone Oberon Shrewsbury


Beautiful whitish stone that ranges from off white to iridescent milky blue and pink.

Said to boost intuition and the divine feminine energy.

Nautilus Shell Oberon Shrewsbury


Natural nautilus shell usually set in silver. Found with shades of black, cream, and white with a stunning iridescent finish. 

Obsidian Oberon Shrewsbury


Black or red and often dappled lava stone formed in volcanoes.

Said to encourage growth and protection.

Onyx Oberon Shrewsbury


Usually a glossy black stone but sometimes found in a vivid green.

Said to inspire decisiveness and strength.

Opal Oberon Shrewsbury


With many different variations, the most common are blue opals (great for the Throat Chakra) and white (for the Crown Chakra). Iridescent stones with flecks of white, blue and gold.

Pearl Oberon Shrewsbury


Ethereal 'stone' formed in either fresh or saltwater mollusks. Can be found in many iridescent colours, in both regular and irregular shapes and textures.

Often deemed the 'stone' of inner wisdom.

Peridot Oberon Shrewsbury


Pretty stone that comes in many shades of green, from a yellowish green to a dark olive colour.

Peridot is often associated with purpose, focus and good luck.

Pietersite Oberon Shrewsbury


Dark blue-grey and purple toned stone often with golden swirls.

Believed to empower the third eye and boost intuition.

Rose Quartz Oberon Shrewsbury

Rose Quartz

Pretty pink stone that can range from a translucent tone to a more cloudy pink.  

Rose Quartz is the stone of love and compassion.

Smokey Quartz Oberon Shrewsbury

Smoky Quartz

Smoky by name and by nature - brownish grey stone that can vary from clear to cloudy in tones.

Great for detox and balance.

Sodalite Oberon Shrewsbury


Sodalite is mostly found in shades of blue, but can sometimes be sourced with white, yellow, red or green.

Sodalite is a stone of insight and mental enhancement

Super Seven oberon Shrewsbury

Super Seven

Super Seven is a crystal formed with Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Geothite, Lepidochrosite and Cocoxenite (the super seven!) and is usually a purple-gold shade. Said to boost psychic abilities.

Tigers Eye Oberon Shrewsbury

Tiger's Eye

Reddish-brown stone with iron stripes, with an iridescent brown tone to it. 

Tiger's Eye boosts self-confidence and inner strength.

Blue Topaz and Mystic Topaz Oberon Shrewsbury


Of all the topaz colours, blue is our most popular but can also come in other variations, like Mystic Topaz.

Blue Topaz is a birthstone for December.

Tourmaline Oberon Shrewsbury


This protective and grounding stone comes in a wide range of colours, like black, pink, green, purple, rainbow and watermelon. 

Turquoise Oberon_edited.jpg


One of the oldest healing stones in history, Turquoise can range from sky blue to a deeper mint-green tone, often with dark grey inclusions. often used as a talisman in ancient cultures.

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