Meet The Team

Hi my name’s Annabel, I’ve worked at Oberon for four years. You won’t see me too often as I’m  currently at uni in York, but the girls just can’t get rid of me in the summer and Christmas holidays! My favourite part about working at Oberon is getting to see my lovely colleagues and my lovely customers, it’s such a friendly environment to work in. Outside of Oberon I love reading, baking and having a cheeky pint in the Nag’s Head!



Hello everyone. I'm Debbie have worked for Oberon nearly 4 years, in the Clothes and Essentials shop. We are a great team, I love seeing how happy and uplifted customers are after buying lovey items from any of our 3 shops. My social time is with family & friends.



Hi my name’s Grace. I’ve worked at Oberon for a year and a half now. My fave thing about working for Oberon is the lovely customers and bringing joy to their day by helping choose them something that they love. I also love the amazing team and the awesome cups of tea! Outside of Oberon I love playing my violin and learning more about classical music when I’m not studying.



Hi, I'm Jack and have worked with the lovely people at Oberon for 2 years. Love the merchandise, and one of my favourite things at work (aside from the banter) is the joy on a person's face in front of the mirror when they know they've found something, often with our assistance, that really suits them.


When not at work I love singing, sci-fi and exploring coastal places and castles around the UK. I also enjoy finding out about a wide variety of wines by drinking them...cheers!


My name is Alfie. I love going to work at Oberon with my mum, Kim. We go for a walk in the quarry before work and at lunch time. While my mum works in the jewellery shop, I stay in my bed in the office. I love being in Oberon  because the girls spoil me! Sorry Jo for eating your pork pie.





Hello!  My name's Dawn I have worked at Oberon for 9 years in August. I absolutely love my job I'm so passionate about style and I love helping people to find the style that suits them.


When i'm not at work i love music and dancing with a few glasses of something!



 Hi. I'm Jan, I've worked for Stacey and the fab Oberon for 9 years and I love it. The people I work with, our lovely customers and the lovely things we sell are all just great.


Out of work I really just spend time with my family and love to go climb a hill.


Hi I’m Jo, I’ve worked at Oberon for seven months and I enjoy each and every working day, I like working for a company that is customer focused and has a warm welcoming atmosphere. My home time involves me spending quality time with my children, walking our dog, eating as many Pringles as possible, drinking wine and watching Netflix’s



My name is Kim. I’ve worked in Oberon for 7 years and I’m manager of the Jewellery shop. The BEST thing about being an Oberon girl is working with such a great team! I genuinely love each one of my colleagues.  They are wonderful characters and we have lots of fun. Also the lovely customers I’ve got to know well over the years and the new folk we meet every day.


When I’m not at work, my dog Alfie and I like to spend time with my friends and family in Swansea and here in Shrewsbury.



Hi I’m Stacey proprietor of Oberon for 35 years and I still love what I do. 
Out of work I love my dogs and being by and on the sea.



Hello I'm Susan. Originally I came to Oberon to ' help out'. That was over 14 years ago. A testament to how good Oberon is. Outside of work I love to play golf, read and dabble in antiques. Ciao!



Hi I'm Suzy. Every day I feel very lucky to be part of the fabulous world of Oberon. I love my job, the very special people/now dear friends I work with and helping our very lovely customers  find beautiful clothes and accessories. I couldn't wish for a happier place to work, when I'm not there I enjoy spending time with my family, going to live shows, gardening, home improvements of which there's always a few, and listening to music ( a fan of dance music, sorry to admit!!)