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Stacey's Diary - Fattening The Curve

Are we really on week 7? Where has the time gone... again!

I’m so pleased to hear Boris is talking about a flattening of the curve. But I have to tell you... I’ve got a fattening of my curve. That curve in the middle commonly known by me as the Ring of Sorrow. It is so fat and so ring-like I reckon I could rescue a boat full of people in it! I really need to sort it out, and for that, the following has to happen:

1. I need to be somewhere where there isn’t a fridge full of my favourite food.

2. I need to be somewhere where I’ve got so much on I don’t remember to eat.

3. I need to be somewhere where I look at myself in the mirror and think... do something!!!

4. I need to be somewhere where wine o clock is not 4 O'Clock

Oh yes... I know where that somewhere is... it’s... back at work!

Missing our lovely shops filled with lovely people

Thank god I’ve got shops. You, my lovely customers have saved my life, made me keep up certain standards, stopped me from being a complete slob and given me a reason to get up on time in the morning and dress nicely. I really want to thank you for that. As that’s what I need in my life. It’s you that’s allowed me be able to love what I do, and to hopefully do it well.

Saying all that, Oberon hasn’t been standing still, no Sir! I’ve been busy delivering orders all over Shropshire and I think my recipients have been kind in not mentioning that I slightly resemble Crystal Tipps (and Alistair... Oh just Google it if you’re not in that age bracket!). But I’m off most people’s driveway before they notice the 2-inch root growth and the well hidden excess poundage.

So, from Monday onwards I’m going to start getting prepared for when we are allowed back. Start getting the shop spruced and ready with good social distancing measures in place. I’m going to spring clean and get the summer ranges out on the rails. By the time we’re allowed to open again I’ll be ready for you and hopefully looking normal... just don’t look to closely at the roots!

In the meantime phone me on the Oberon Hotline 01743 246534 anytime for home deliveries. Or shop online HERE, we're adding new things every day! I’ll have clothes or jewellery on your door step in next to no time... and remember’ll be saving me from Wine O'Clock!

Lots of love,

Stacey xxx

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