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Stacey's Diary: Selfies and self isolating

Saturday 28th March 2020

Glasses of wine: 17

Cigarettes: None but seriously considering taking it up just to pass the time

Calories: Don't care

Well here we are, the end of week one.

I really can’t believe that last Saturday I was actually working in the shop and it was OPEN, it seems a lifetime ago. Before all this happened I dreamed of having a break from the shop I’ve had for 35 years. I often said ‘if only I could turn it off for a month’ and now I can (sort of!).

But really this week what have I done with my time? Ok, so...

I wrote a silly song and performed said song for our Facebook followers. We've been brainstorming and plotting our next videos, and i'm excited to see what people post for the 'find your old Oberon outfit' competition.

Had a Zoom conference call (that’s a first!)

Had many a Facetime conversation with my children in London... constantly telling them to wash their hands as Lambeth council has one of the highest numbers of Covid-19 in the country.

Spent a lot of time researching how the virus is effecting different parts of the country.

Took loads of selfies (not done that before) of me trying on clothes by myself in the shop, while thinking 'should I even be here!?' But probably more safe than Sainsbury’s or any shop that’s actually open to the public. Also Sainsbury's would probably be a bit naffed off if I started getting changed into lots of different outfits in the cereal aisle...

At home I’ve done nothing really, read the paper from cover to cover (that’s something new).

Our new intern Burt helped out with a delivery or two, such a very very good boy. #DogsOfOberon

Thought about doing lots of things... yoga... keep fit... cleaning... sorting my office (now there’s a job!!!)

But I can’t quite begin anything and have just gone round in circles. I can’t even really put my mind to watching TV. The truth is i'm sure (like many of you) i’m in shock, I can’t quite get my head round the situation. Tomorrow I’m going to make a to-do chart and try and get some order back in my life. It’s like getting divorced after 35 years of marriage, takes a while to adjust, but hey we are getting back together and I look forward to that soooo much!

Our Oberon group chat is filled with lots of isolation updates from our lovely girls, it's an equal balance of gardening, doing PE with Joe Wicks and daytime drinking (sometimes all at the same time).

But in the meantime I need to make the most of this situation... I’m an optimist and I think I will. Watch out, office, you're about to be sorted big style.

But for now I might just have a cup of tea.

Stay safe everyone, missing you all.

Lots of love,

Stacey xxxx

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