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Stacey's Diary - Keep on runnin'...

What, is it really week 5?! Where has the time gone, 5 weeks gone by in a flash!

This week I’m pretty glad I’m not working in the shop as I can hardly walk.


For some obscure reason I have turned to running. I just loved the look of people doing it, all their gear, headphones in, snazzy water bottle. So having a bit of spare time on my hands I thought I’d give it a go. With one mile under my belt I thought why not try 5 then... hundreds of miles... They've postponed the Olympics haven't they, I wonder if there'll be an opening for the 5000m in 2021? OK I got to 8. Then tragedy struck and I pulled a muscle.... and it is painful. Now I’ve had to stop and can only stare in wonder at how effortlessly others seem to pound the pavement or park... why out of the hundreds of runners out there - and you might have noticed there are loads - does not one of them look like they are about to keel over? Where do the keel over ones go? I know I was keeling as I got videoed and it wasn’t a pretty sight!

So next week I’m going to forget all thoughts of becoming the next Paula Radcliffe and concentrate on what I’m good at.... and that’s being a shop keeper.

I can’t think it will be too long before our doors will open again in some kind of social distancing way and as I was pounding (almost crawling) the streets I was thinking maybe booking appointments could be the way forward soon? You could come to the shop at an allotted time (maybe with one friend) and have the shop to yourselves in the knowledge that rent-a-crowd won’t come in and invade your space. It’s a thought and one of the many I have on the back boiler to help us all shop in the time of corona. I was in the shop packing parcels and I heard two ladies talking outside the shop about the impact Coronavirus would have on trade.

One said to the other do you think Oberon will survive

The other said definitely, they’re resilient!

I could have run out of the shop and kissed her. If you’re reading this and it was you please come and tell me because honestly it made my day!

People of Shropshire and beyond are making my day everyday by picking up the phone and buying something it’s special.... so special, for all us independent shops and it might be a bit more of a faff than one-click amazon. But it’s so heartwarming in these gloomy times to know there’s people out there who love what I do best. ...and it’s not running!

Lots of love and keep staying safe,

Stacey xxxx

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