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Stacey's Diary - downward dog and virtual shopping

As Week 3 comes to a close, I'm feeling a bit zen. In between my running, online yoga classes, and wine drinking (I’m no saint) I’m asking myself the big questions:

Are we all less selfish? Are we all more kind? Are we all more patient?

Do we appreciate the life we have and the town we live in?

And I think the answer is yes. We’re not just clapping for our brilliant NHS, we’re clapping and appreciating everyone who is helping us in our daily lives. I have never had such lovely messages of appreciation and thanks from customers and it’s so heartwarming to know that the people out there are really rooting for us, and all the other independent businesses in our wonderful town.

The shop is ticking over with telephone orders and I’ve now got them down to a fine art. I’m even discovering parts of Shrewsbury I never knew on my home delivery rounds, so do ask if you want anything - I do love a good nose around! I can even do a virtual shop tour if you don’t know what you want. Jewellery, clothes, shoes, I’ll even try them on for you! Any excuse to be helpful. As I’m missing the shop so much.

I had to get creative and film using garden tools this week... you'll see the results on Sunday! It's amazing what lockdown gets you doing...

I’m missing all my work colleagues too, as men (well, maybe just my husband) don’t get girlie chat and have very selective hearing... and don’t make endless cups of tea! I have to make my own!!! But we did a pub quiz on Friday night and i bet you'll never guess who the winner was...! Just so looking forward to a slow down of this Coronavirus, getting back to some kind of normality and having a big Oberon hug. But in the mean time I’ll stick to hugging a tree...

Lots of love to all my wonderful customers and staff. Downward dog anyone?

Have a wonderful Easter and eat loads of choc!

Stacey xxxxxx

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