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Stacey's Diary: Delivery dog and teenage diaries

Hello everyone!

Another week goes by.

At Oberon we’ve loved the find an old photo competition and I have loved crawling through my attic looking for old photos of my own. But getting distracted by teenage diaries and having a real good laugh about past boyfriends! You never know, I might do a sneak peek from one of the diaries...

I have to say that not much has been crossed off my to-do list. And it’s cold. So that’s a good excuse for sitting doing not much. Actually what I have done is a lot of dog walking .Bert the delivery dog has been very keen on doing his doorstep deliveries. He says it’s lovely and keeps him fit. Our lovely customers have been very pleased to find something placed on their doorstep, and with Easter on the way you could always treat yourself or an eggceptional friend. Just ring any of the shop numbers and the phone will be answered even when we’re not there.

Bert ready and waiting for his next delivery mission

So is boredom setting in... Answering Whatsapp groups is turning into a full time occupation and more so trying to find the funniest quarantine video that no one has seen yet is proving incredibly difficult. If anyone has any corkers please send them my way!

Then there are only so many Joe Wicks videos you can do. Only so many cupboards you can sort, and sadly only so many bottles of wine you can drink.


The highlight of my week has been the clapping for our marvellous NHS. Who would have thought that clapping would have been a thing to look forward to, but IT'S GREAT. In our street it’s turned into a sing song and everything and my neighbours are all so lovely. It’s great how something like this pulls everyone together. But seriously if you are one of our customers who is feeling isolated, do feel free to give us a bell. We’re always keen for a chat and a virtual cuppa. We had our first team Zoom call on Friday and it was lovely to see everyone, even if Jan's video did keep dropping in and out!

Anyway, next week is going to be brilliant. The sun will be out and who knows I might even make my own Joe Wicks video... I have the hair and everything...


Lots of love,

Stacey xxx

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