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The Oberon Edit: Lofina Shoes

It's times like these that putting your best foot forward is always going to be the best idea. So, why not make that foot that you're putting forward a very well-shod foot?!

Today, we thought we'd share with you our latest additions to our Lofina collection. These beautiful shoes are made in Italy with the softest, buttery leather that bring fashion and function together. From sandals to boots, there's sure to be something for every outfit.

Take a look at the newest picks, although we will warn you - you might want to buy them all after reading this...

1. Buckle sandals


Red and Navy

2. High-rise buckle sandals



3. Crossover sandals



4. High-rise boots



5. Slingback sandals



Fancy adding some fabulous footwear to your wardrobe? Call us on 01743 246534 and we can get your new favourite pair of shoes on their way to your door. We are offering FREE delivery too! Find out more here.

Lots of love,

Oberon xxxx

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