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The Oberon Edit - Teacher's gifts

Can you believe it, school's nearly out for summer! Have you spent the last three months cursing Henry VIII and his many many wives? Have you been questioning why Pythagoras was so in to triangles? And have you said 'photosynthesis' so many times now that it's actually starting to sound like a made up word? On a scale of 1 to 5, how grateful are you that there's someone who actually knows what they're talking about helping you through Lockdown lessons?

A seven? We thought so...

From setting daily lessons, creating worksheets, marking work and checking in on pupils and parents alike, to teachers on the front line making sure that children of key workers are still getting a top notch education, it's time to say a huge thank you to the amazing teachers keeping learning going during Lockdown.

Here are our top picks for your number one teacher, because they REALLY deserve a treat (and they don't want any more chocolate or mugs, thank you very much!)


Quite possibly the most useful gift ever? Yep! Our Museum Collection of shoppers are an essential, and come in a handy little pouch - ready for action.

LOQI Shopper £9.99


A star bracelet from a star pupil! This gorgeous little bracelet brings a bit of sparkle to the party.

Bracelet £9.99


Because a well accessorised teacher is the best kind of teacher...

Headbands £9.99


Perfect for all those bits and bobs that just seem to accumulate in the bottom of a bag! Plus, for every hedgehog purse sold, a donation is made to Rewilding Britain to help boost biodiversity in Britain's wildlife.

Small £7.99, Large £14.99


Our Carrie Elspeth collections are always a winner - stunning beaded necklaces that suit everyone, the tricky thing will be picking your favourite!

Necklace £14.99

Call in and say hello when you're next in town! Alternatively, message us on social media, email us at, or call us on 01743 246534 and we can get you sorted!

Lots of love,

Oberon xxx

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