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The Oberon Edit - Uno de 50

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Hola Oberon-ers! Today we have the first installment of our Oberon Edit - Jewellery edition for you. Uno de 50 is a stunning Spanish brand that uses silver, leather, crystals and pearls to create jewellery that really does have the WOW factor. It's truly one of our favourite brands at our No. 63 shop, thanks to their unique designs that make them timeless statement pieces. Here's a sneak peek of our top picks from the collection, in store now!

If you have seen anything that you thinks 'Well, I NEED this in my life!' please do send us a message on social media, give us a call, knock on our door and we can help you find your new latest obsession.

We deliver straight to your door!

Clothes: 01743 246534

Jewellery: 01743 358171

Essentials: 01743 272987

Lots of love,

Oberon xxxxx

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