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The Oberon Edit - Soya Concept

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Hello Oberon-ers! Welcome to the latest installment of the Oscar-winning series 'Brand Of The Day', brought to you by the gorgeous girls of Oberon. Today we delve into the delights of Soya Concept, a brilliant Dutch brand with big style for small prices. Check out our favourites below!

1. Stacey wears...

Dress - £69

Jacket - £84

2. Kim wears...

Jumper - £51

3. Stacey wears...

Jumper - £37

Shirt - £39

Trousers - £51

Bagitali Backpack - £65

4. Jan wears...

Dress - £51

Envy Necklace - £22.50

Meline Pumps - £99

5. Stacey wears...

Trousers - £51

Striped top - £30

Jacket - £75

6. Kim wears...

Funky tee - £27

Bagitali bag - £19.99

We love Soya Concept and hope you do too! It's available in our Essentials shop at No. 65 Wyle Cop - give us a call or drop us a message if you'd like to try some pieces, we're offering appointments and delivery for all of our lovely customers. Already got some Soya Concept pieces in your wardrobe? We'd love to see! Tag us in your pictures and use the #MyOberon hashtag to share the love.

Thanks for the support, like and share!

Big Love,

Oberon xxx

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