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The Oberon Edit - Denim

Today's Oberon Edit is brought to you in full Lockdown style! We're checking out our favourite denim pieces with you today from afar, showing how much of a wardrobe staple it really is. Dress it up, dress it down, denim does it all. Take a look at our top picks below!


Left (let's call her Celeste) wears...

Dress - Soya Concept, £60

Bag - Bagitali, £19.99

Necklace - Envy, £19.99

Right (She's Cilla) wears...

Jacket - Soya Concept, £89

Dress - Thought, £79.99

Bag - Bagitali, £34.99


Angelic Angie wears...

Cullottes - Thought, £55

Top - Great Plains, £65


Left (This one is Cynthia) wears...

Jacket - Mama B, £175

Dress - Orientiqu, £75

Necklace - POM, £11.50

Celeste (on the right, keep up) wears...

Trousers - Mes Soeurs et Moi, £120

Top - Sandwich, £59

Scarf - POM, £9.99


Stacey wears...

Jumper - £37

Shirt - £39

Jeans - £51

Bagitali Backpack - £65


Cynthia wears...

Jacket - Sandwich, £89

Frilly blouse - Cut Loose, £110

Trousers - Stehmann, £79

Scarf - POM, £9.99


Celeste wears...

Dress - Sandwich, £149

Scarf - POM, £12.99

Bag - Bagitali, £34.99

Denim really is such a versatile fabric, it's no wonder it's stood the test of time in our wardrobes.

Like what you see? Give us a call or send us a message, and we can get any items put to one side for you once our delivery service is back up and running. Our phone lines, social media and website are all constantly live so that we can still keep in touch with all of our lovely customers!

Lots of love,

Oberon xxxxx

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