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The Oberon Edit: Amber

From vibrant oranges to glossy greens, you can see why Amber is often call Gold of The Sea. This beautiful gemstone springs into life from fossilized tree resin, millions of years old, and is often found on shorelines of the Baltic Sea.

Without sounding too big-headed, we're known in these parts for our outstanding curation of knock-out amber treasure. We handpick a selection of beautiful pieces in a stunning variety of natural shades, so you're sure to find The One!

Take a look at our top picks below...


Set in Sterling Silver, our amber rings come in all shapes and sizes, with beautiful variation in the intricate formation of the stone itself. Lovely.

Large green amber ring: £110

Small orange amber ring: £19.99

Square orange amber ring: £189


Our amber pendants come separately to our chains, so you can try different lengths, thicknesses and link types to create your perfect necklace. We also have beautiful full beaded necklaces made from individual unique chunks of amber.

Beaded necklace: £39.99

Orange amber pendant: £75, Chain: £22.50

Large green amber pendant: £110, Chain: £19.99

Small green amber pendant: £24.99, Chain: £14.99

Large yellow amber pendant: £149, Chain: £69


We're big fans of mixing your amber colours, which is why bracelets are such a good addition to your hoard - multiple tones in one item! Statement pieces through and through.

1 +3 - Bracelet: £295

2 - Bracelet: £195


Big drops, dainty drops, studs... we've got a real hotch potch of colours, too!

Green amber drops: £18.50

Mixed studs: £12.99 each

Orange amber drops: £45

Have you got any amber jewellery from us? We'd love to see it! Share it on your Facebook or Instagram - tag us and use #MyOberon so we can drool over your gorgeous jewels.

If anything has caught your eye, let us know. Message us and we can put treasure aside for you!


Oberon xxx

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