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Top Tips for Working From Home

For many of us pre-COVID-19, 'WFH' was a joyous little acronym that meant we could work in our jim-jams all day, get through at least three loads of washing and watch a quick episode of something on Netflix over lunch at the kitchen table with a smile on our faces. 'Isn't this nice?', we'd think, 'I should WFH more often'.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Working From Home has turned into Working From Hell, especially if your usually-well-behaved children/other half/dog/housemates have decided to launch a campaign of terror. They now just aggressively ask when the next snack or walk or homeschooling session or House Party meet-up is whilst wildly lolloping around the house in varying levels of cleanliness. Did you shower this morning or was that two days ago? Is beans on toast a nutritionally balanced meal? Will Grandma ever learn how to use FaceTime properly or will we just see her inner ear for the rest of lockdown eternity? And in all this madness, we've still got to keep on top of the work that actually pays the bills. Crikey.

So, to bring a bit of structure to your WFH, we thought we'd bring you our top tips for getting things done whilst you're working from your home 'office'.

1. Just. Get. DRESSED

Sounds simple enough, but getting changed into work clothes (note: anything but pyjamas) really helps you to get in the mindset of starting your working day. We love throwing on our Joss linen dungarees (£59) as they're super comfy and easy to wear, but still bring a bit of style to your day. Plus, they look great on Zoom conference calls!

2. Find a quiet(ish!) space

Well done! You got dressed today! As tempting as it is to work from bed, try and settle down in the same spot every day. We're talking a comfy chair, as much natural light as possible and space to keep your work paraphernalia organised. Our brilliant LOQI zip cases (£14.99 for 3) are really handy for keeping all your bits and bobs together, whether that's pens, pencils, post-its or phone chargers.

3. Lather, rinse, repeat

All together now... WASH YOUR HANDS! Keep those paws sparkling clean with one of our Arthouse Unlimited soaps (£6.95) - they smell utterly amazing and don't dry your hands out, the perfect addition to any home office sink.

4. Stretch your legs

We don't know about you, but never has 20 minutes outside felt so good. Having a break from screens, home schooling and conference calls is so important! Keep your state-sanctioned daily walk stylish and mega comfy with our Meline Trainers (£99), and take along our Soya Concept Sunnies (£21) to keep this lovely spring sunshine out of your eyes. Need an extra layer? No problem! Throw on a Quirqui fleece (£55) and you're hot to trot in lockdown style.

5. Keep smiling

Although this is such a challenging time for us all, know that soon we will all be back to normal, out in the sunshine and popping into our favourite shops (Ahem, OBERON, ahem). In the meantime, stay positive, stay safe, stay at home. And thank you to those of you who are out there doing all of the vital and important work to get us through COVID-19, we are all so very lucky to have you.

If you need any of our lovely things to help get you through isolation, give us a call on 01743 246534 to get your order in!

Lots of love,



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