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Meet the Makers - Mes Soeurs et Moi

A firm favourite in our Clothes shop at No. 25, Mes Soeurs et Moi is the definitive brand for simplicity and style. Designed in Belgium, the brand is a real family affair with the hub of Mes Soeurs operating from a factory that has been in the family for the past century.

Owner and designer Martine talks about what make Mes Soeurs et Moi so special:

How would you describe Mes Souers et Moi?

Mes Soeurs is a brand that is aimed at active and optimistic women who are free from the confines of fashion. We want women wearing Mes Soeurs to feel free, comfortable and feminine. We choose our fabrics for their softness, and prefer the natural compositions. Each look can be unique, depending on how you mix and match the different elements of the collection. We tend to design minimalist shapes, but always love to add small intricate details.

Where are your clothes made?

Mes Soeurs is made mainly in Tunisia. We've collaborated with the factory for the past 15 years and are lucky to call them our friends. The team out there are always ready to help in the development of a quality and stylish product. We've known some of the makers in the factory for over a decade and we often go to the machine line and say hello - I can tell you that you give at least 4 kisses in Tunisia! The makers are always sharing their knowledge and experience on making exquisite clothes.

Where does your inspiration come from?

First of all, I would say that I am keeping these key words at the front of my mind: comfort, simplicity, femininity, character and natural. I go to the fabrics fairs to choose the fabrics, and meet some of the suppliers who are always very inspiring. The rest just comes day by day, throughout the design process.

Why should our customers buy Mes Souers et Moi?

Because we are a small team, still believing that the fashion industry can produce “correctly” at affordable prices. And because we just want the woman wearing Mes Soeurs to feel good…

We hope you love Mes Soeurs et Moi as much as we do - do you own any pieces from their collection? We'd love to see! Share a picture with the #MyOberon hashtag of you looking fabulous in your favourite outfit.

With love,

Oberon xxxx

With thanks to Hannah at MDA for her contribution to this post

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