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Facing it all and standing tall

Hello you lovely lot.

As The Big Man at No. 10 has told us all to stay put for the next few weeks, we’ve now officially closed our doors - for the first time in 35 years. Thanks to every single one of our fabulous customers, followers, colleagues, family and friends who have really shown us the love these past few days. It’s the people that make Oberon so utterly brilliant, and we are so very lucky to have you all aboard the Oberon train.

We’re pressing pause on our delivery service too as we don’t want to put our lovely delivery drivers, posties or customers at risk – we will revisit this once we know the lay of the land in the coming weeks. We’ll be creating some great content that you can watch, read, and have a little laugh at over the coming weeks so please do keep your eyes on our social media pages and website.

If you see anything that you like in the next few weeks on our social media or website, make a note of it or message us and we can put it to one side for you - taking window shopping to a whole new level! Keep liking, loving, sharing and caring and you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be having one hell of a knees-up once this turbulent time has run its course.

Stay safe, we love you. As Frank said, we're facing it all and standing tall.

Big love, Oberon xxxxxx

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