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Stacey's Diary - working 9 - 5, what a way to make a livin'!

Me again! Another week done in the world of Oberon.

With all of this lockdown, people are suddenly really interested in daily routines (or lack of, in some cases!) So I thought i'd give you the lowdown on my lockdown daily life!


Wake up. Temporarily forget there's a global pandemic and spring out of bed full of the joys of spring.


Remember said global pandemic so decide to have a cup of tea and look longingly out of the window.


I take my delivery dogs on their daily walk. Bert is missing saying hello to all the other walkers and dogs, but Poppy’s not fussed about meeting and greeting so is probably the only living thing that’s loving lockdown.


All dressed up and nowhere to go.... I’m not a pyjama girl or a sofa lover, but I’m not keen on cleaning the kitchen either. So... cup of tea and a face time pow wow with my trusty PR about today’s Facebook and Instagram posts.

Most of the morning can be taken up coming up with ideas, carrying them out with a strict social distancing code... oh and drinking loads of tea.


It’s been such lovely weather that it would be rude not to have lunch outside - Bert and poppy are always begging and sit my my side hoping for a tiny scrap.


More tea. Zoom meetings with Shrewsbury BID steering group, thinking of ideas to get Shrewsbury bustling again once all this is over - we can't flip[ing wait to be back to normal and have our lovely town full of hustle and bustle again!


Answering questions on Facebook and Instagram from customers (both old and new) about making purchases and delivery. This is a fun bit and no question is too silly or small and no one is a nuisance, it just makes me happy there are people out there who care (and want to buy something!) People are really getting excited about their deliveries, it's nice to bring some joy to people's isolation.

4pm Parcel time! I try to limit this to 3 times a week. I love going into the shop to pack everything up, I miss it so much.

Then Bert and I are off on our deliveries. We leave the parcel on people's door step then send a little text to say it’s there, sometimes have a little wave/chat but all from a very safe distance and away we go. We've seen some lovely doorsteps these past couple of weeks, it's amazing what you just walk past on a normal day and don't realise what lovely buildings there are around town.


I’m ready for a glass of wine - lockdown is not good for the liver. Tim my husband has always been the cook and is an excellent one, so I have to be careful not to pile the pounds on.


It's usually TV time, and I’ve started watching in bed with a chamomile tea (very rock and roll) but what else is a girl to do? I’m usually asleep by 10.30pm so if you have any questions bear that in mind... I’ve had a few inquiries at 2am but I sleep through them, and never answer till morning!

Everyday during lock down we’ve been so lucky with the weather. Thank goodness we have sunshine to keep us smiling and sane.

Well that’s my day in a nut shell.I’m yet to be bored and always optimistic for the future. Wow... It’s 7pm, the sun has passed the yard arm, so cheers!

Love to all

Stacey xxxx

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