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2021 Refresh: Five Top Tips For Great Skin

Put your hands up if you've got a case of Winter Skin Woes... us too! We're thrilled to have the gorgeous (inside and out) Jess from one of our favourite Shrewsbury beauty spots Artisan Hair & Beauty to chat to us and share her top tips for getting great skin in 2021, even when our beloved beauty salons are locked down. Get ready for a virtual pamper, enjoy!


Hello! A little introduction to me and what I do. I’m Jess and I co-own Artisan Hair & Beauty in Shrewsbury with my business partner Cez. We have 20 years combined experience in the Hair & Beauty industry. Our passion is to offer you high quality services which don’t just make you look good, but we want you to leave our salon feeling good as well.

With constant lockdowns, and salons having to shut over and over, we are aware a lot of people are missing their monthly pampering! I would love to share some skincare tips and secrets with you so you are able to give yourself a pamper at home! Here are my top 5 tips for getting great skin.

Double Cleansing

I can’t stress enough the importance of cleansing. What a lot of people don’t realise, is it's important to perform a double cleanse. Your first cleanse will remove makeup or dirt and grime thats built up over the day, whereas your second cleanse actually treats and cleans the skin.

Moisturising Twice a Day

Moisturising is probably, in my opinion, the most important step. Moisturising will help balance your skin. Believe it or not, not moisturising can actually cause you to have breakouts. You can have oily skin thats dehydrated, and by not moisturising, your skin can over produce oil. Moisturising can also help with premature ageing, gives the skin protection and will give the skin a smoother and more radiant appearance. Try and use a moisturiser with SPF, or apply an SPF after moisturising in the morning.

Clean Makeup Brushes

So many people ask me why they are struggling with their skin, they have a brilliant skin care routine, use all the correct products, yet suffer from breakouts. These breakouts can sometimes reoccur in the same area. I quite often find its because they aren’t cleaning their makeup brushes as often as they should. You should be cleaning your brushes every two weeks. The best way is to get a makeup brush cleaner, I like the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel, and use a small amount with warm water and shampoo your brush bristles. Squeeze out the excess water with a towel and then leave to dry by laying them out on their side with the brush bristles hanging over the edge of the counter/surface.

During this current time whilst we are having to wear face masks regularly, a clean face mask is just as important as a clean makeup brush. Make sure you are washing them after every use if you wear fabric ones, and maybe even avoid wearing makeup underneath them if you have to wear them for long periods of time.

Exfoliate Several Times A Week

Exfoliating helps with skin cell turnover. A build up of dead skin cells can result in dullness, dehydration and congestion, so exfoliating speeds up the shedding of your dead skin cells, revealing fresh new skin cells underneath. There are so many different exfoliators on the market. It is important not to use anything too abrasive as you can damage your skin. I personally like a gentle exfoliator that's enzyme based rather than a scrub, so it doesn’t feel scratchy on my skin. I highly recommend Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, I use this once a day after cleansing. If you prefer a face scrub, then make sure you are not using it more than twice a week!

Taking Time To Chill

I am a strong believer that stress can have a huge impact on your skin. I have suffered with eczema for years, and I always seem to have a flare up during more stressful times. It is so important to take time for yourself and chill. Why don’t you dedicate some time for yourself once a week and give yourself a mini pamper at home. Run yourself a bath, light some candles, put some relaxing music on and give yourself a mini facial. I like to give myself a weekly thorough facial where all my fancy products come out! When applying your products, try and give yourself a facial massage. Not only will this help with relaxation but it will also stimulate the blood circulation having a rejuvenating effect. There are lots of facial massage tutorials on youtube if you fancy giving it a go!

I really hope you learnt something from this. I completely understand that finding the right products for you can sometimes be overwhelming. Our social media page is always open, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever need hair, beauty or skincare advice.


Be sure to give Jess a shout with any of your skincare questions! We know first hand how knowledgable and friendly Jess and Cez are, and we would highly recommend booking in with them for a pamper when we're out of lockdown - although move fast, appointments go fast with these two fabulous ladies!

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